We are a conduit for all your needs. Our services include, but are not limited to the following:

PROCESS SERVICE:  Complete process service by trained professional process servers throughout Midwest.

SURVEILLANCE:  Complete surveillance services based on client’s needs.

INVESTIGATIONS:  All types of personal injury investigations, including but not limited to witness statements, photographs, and accident scene measurements.

RESEARCH: Name, address and telephone numbers of neighbors to the address provided.


SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER TRACE:  Discloses all names and addresses associated with a given social security number and verifies the number’s validity.

SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER SEARCH:  This report will disclose the social security number given to an individual (address needed).

CORPORATE SEARCH & AFFILIATIONS:  This report will disclose the social security number, first and last name, date of birth, date of death and place of death for an individual.


COURT/PUBLIC RECORD SEARCH:  Discloses information contained in numerous county and federal courts in the Northern Illinois area.


PROFESSIONAL LICENSE SEARCH: Verifies an individual’s professional license status and reports any disciplinary action taken. 

WORKERS’ COMPENSATION SEARCH:  Discloses date injured, amount paid, type of injury and employer’s name.

DRIVER’S LICENSE, RECORDS AND/OR LICENSE VERIFICATION SEARCH:  Discloses an individual’s driving record.

VEHICLE SEARCH BY NAME, V.I.N., PLATE, or ADDRESS:  Reports vehicles owned by a given individual.

AIRCRAFT OWNERSHIP SEARCH:  Report provides U.S. FAA data searched by either registered owner or aircraft ID number, or description of airplane.

WATERCRAFT OWNERSHIP SEARCH:  Report provides USCG data on vessels weighing 5 net tons or more.

CORPORATION AFFILIATION SEARCH:  This search cross checks individuals and corporations.  Reports on individual’s involvement, corporation name, registered agent and provides other corporate information.

BUSINESS NAME SEARCH:  Address, Officers, and FEIN search.

UCC SEARCH:  This report discloses UCC filings.

RESIDENT IDENTIFIER: This search will report data on household members at a given address.